Our mission is to blend legal expertise, business experience, and an understanding of human nature to achieve optimal results for our clients - results that are just, practical, and economical.  

Client-Centered and Collaborative Philosophy

We are a client-centered law practice, serving businesses, nonprofit organizations, and individuals in the ways that work best for each client.  

Close collaboration with clients begins with a thorough understanding of the client’s ultimate goals and a careful assessment of the objectives and strategies that will meet those goals and achieve practical solutions.

We tailor our relationship with each client –  ranging from full representation to assessment & advising to assisting pro se clients who represent themselves.  Both hourly and flat rate fees are available.

Practical Experience

Based on decades of business experience, we know that prevention and early intervention can help clients avoid the direct and indirect costs, both financial and human, of legal and compliance errors, disputes, and litigation.

When disputes do arise, we encourage communication, de-escalation and negotiation. Mediation and negotiated settlements can result in a resolution that is acceptable to both parties, whereas litigation always requires a winner and a loser and cedes control of the outcome to the court.

Our Pledge

 We commit to open and full client communication and collaboration, to skillful legal representation and counsel, and to strict ethical standards. 

 "Carol handled my divorce as a collaborative matter, despite the fact that it was quite contentious. She depersonalized the issues, understood what was important to each of us, and brought us to agreement, allowing us to shed painful baggage and move on. This allowed me to get back to my life and my work. I am forever grateful for what she did for me and my family”
-- OB, Laguna Beach